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Overwatch Is Getting a Limited Free Trial for Switch Online Subscribers [UPDATED]

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Overwatch Is Getting a Limited Free Trial for Switch Online Subscribers [UPDATED]

Update: Nintendo of America announced today that the Overwatch free trial will also be available for Switch owners in the west.

You can find the original article below.

Nintendo has announced that subscribers to the Switch Online service will be able to play Overwatch for free between Oct. 13 and Oct. 20, but unfortunately, it’s only for Switch players in Japan.

Save data from your Overwatch trial will carry over to the full game if users decide to buy the title digitally or physically on Switch. Plus, Overwatch will be discounted by 25% until Oct. 27, so you have quite some time to mull over the purchase (via Japanese Nintendo).

You can check out the trailer down below to see some Overwatch gameplay in action:

It’s worth noting that there is an easy method to grab this deal if you’re not actually living over in Japan. You can create a Japanese eShop account and after the few short minutes that it takes to do that, you’ll then have access to the eShop to download Overwatch and other Japan-exclusive titles.

And since Overwatch isn’t the most text-heavy game out there, you should be able to easily jump and try the game out for yourself even if you don’t understand a lick of Japanese.

For more on Overwatch, you can read about the returning Summer Games event and just because it was so hype, the reveal trailer for Overwatch 2.

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