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Niantic Reveals AR Mapping Tasks for Pokemon GO

pokemon go ar mapping tasks

Niantic Reveals AR Mapping Tasks for Pokemon GO

This afternoon, Niantic revealed a brand-new feature for certain Pokemon GO players. AR Mapping Tasks will be available to Pokemon GO trainers who are level 20 or higher starting at 1 PM PT today (Oct. 20).

AR Mapping Tasks will only be obtainable by spinning specific PokeStops that feature a new design related to these new tasks. Every task that you get will either have to do with the PokeStop that you obtained it at or at another nearby location.

You’ll need to go into AR mode for every one of these tasks and scan nearby areas. That’s something important to keep in mind if you have a low battery and looking to conserve energy.

Best of all, the AR Mapping Task will count towards your weekly Research Breakthrough. We’re not currently aware if what all the rewards will be for completing these tasks. But, the preview video released today for this feature shows a single Rare Candy as the reward.

Also, if you have a child that’s currently using a Niantic Kids account, then they won’t have access to AR Mapping Tasks. However, Niantic says that they’re working on giving parents the option to toggle this feature on or off for their child’s Niantic Kids account.

If you would like to check out the official release from The Pokemon GO Team about AR Mapping Tasks, then you can find it right here. Down below you can find the trailer explaining how the process works.

And don’t forget this new feature is out now, so it’s time to get out there and scan some PokeStops (and do some Mega Venusaur raids).

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