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Genshin Impact’s Klee Is Giving Away Lots of Free Primogems This Week

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Genshin Impact’s Klee Is Giving Away Lots of Free Primogems This Week

As interest in miHoYo’s open-world RPG Genshin Impact continues to soar, the developer’s post-launch support has started to ramp up. A recent patch has brought with it both a new story quest and a 5-Star character called Klee, and for those who have seen it through already there have been some juicy free Primogems to be had this week.

Today, in fact, players can get their hands on a whopping 200 free Primogems just for logging in, and even if you haven’t been on for a few days you should receive everything up until today anyway.

As you can see, literally you need to do is log in and claim them from your mailbox. From the looks of it, though, given that today is the fifth of five messages, this could be the last of the free bonuses from Klee.

In any case, it should give you enough Primogems to make a whole bunch of Wishes, and perhaps even get Klee herself if you haven’t already. Although, the chances of pulling a 5-Star are pretty slim, as we’ve explained in our dedicated Genshin Impact drop rates and pity system explained guide.

For more useful tips on the game, remember that Twinfinite has an extensive guide wiki worth checking out.

For everyone else who’d rather just gander at some recent trailers of the game’s shapely protagonists, here’s one on Jean, and another about Keqing.

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