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First FIFA 21 FUT Champions Weekend League Delayed by 24 Hours

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First FIFA 21 FUT Champions Weekend League Delayed by 24 Hours

The first FUT Champions Weekend League was due to begin at 2am ET this morning, but EA Sports has delayed it at short notice.

Now, the competition will begin at 2am ET on Saturday, Oct. 17, with EA compensating players who might have lost out due to the unscheduled change. If you’ve already used your Qualification Points, your entry will still be active, so there’s nothing to worry about.

In a tweet on the FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account, EA Sports said:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the upcoming FUT Champions Weekend League has been delayed by 24 hours. Check in-game for the revised schedule. Furthermore, this Weekend League will be extended for 24 hours in order to accommodate the delayed start time.

All players that redeem their FUT Champions Points for entry into this Weekend League will have their 2000 FUT Champions Points returned to them ahead of the next Weekend League due to this scheduling change. Thank you for your patience.”

Therefore, even if you don’t have the chance to play the Weekend League after the delay, you’ll get the points returned to you to enter for free next weekend.

Also, the tournament run time has also been extended by 24 hours to make up for the delayed start. You will now be able to keep playing your games until 7am on Tuesday morning, rather than Monday morning.

This doesn’t affect the rewards and when they’re released. You’ll still be able to pick them up at 4am ET on Thursday.

If any other changes are made to this weekend’s FUT Champions competition, we’ll be sure to update you here.

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