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Bravely Default II Gets Two New Trailers, 2021 Release Date

Bravely Default II Gets New Trailers, Release Date

Bravely Default II Gets Two New Trailers, 2021 Release Date

Bravely Default II has received a pair of new trailers, providing a bevy of valuable information for fans to dig their teeth into.

Streamed by Nintendo as part of a Nintendo Direct Mini held on Oct. 2, the trailers provide a more detailed look at how Bravely Default II has been shaping up in recent months and what players can expect from it upon release.

The first trailer serves as a general overview of the title and its gameplay. Following a slew of new cinematics and story bits – wherein a former Hero of Light clashes with an unknown assailant and each hero hints at their motivations – a detailed breakdown of the different Asterisk Holders and the jobs they let players unlock is given.

These range from Dag, the holder of the tanky Vanguard Asterisk meant for protecting party members; to Shirley Clarence, the holder of the high-risk high-reward Gambler Asterisk that can help or hinder players’ party with RNG.

What is shown is only the tip of the iceberg though, and those who pick up the game can expect to meet an eccentric cast of characters in their quest to obtain every job.

The trailer concludes with the reveal that Bravely Default II is now slated for a Feb. 26, 2021 release, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

The full trailer can be found down below.

The second trailer, meanwhile, sees producer Masashi Takahashi provide details on how the game has been tweaked and adjusted in response to feedback from players of the game’s demo released back in March.

According to Takahashi, more than 22,000 players provided feedback, and while many noted that the music, graphics and job system were great, just as many noted that the difficulty and user interface were problematic.

As such, the team has spent the past several months tweaking the game, and hope to prove that they’ve taken the criticisms posed to heart in the final product. Throughout the trailer, they show how they’ve done this, and offer a glimpse at how the final version of the game will play.

It’s an interesting look behind the scenes of the game’s development, and fans will want to view the full video down below.

Bravely Default II is currently slated for release on Feb. 26, 2021. For more on the game, check out another of its most recent trailers released earlier this year.

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