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Here’s How Much Your Animal Crossing Home Would Cost in Real Life

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Here’s How Much Your Animal Crossing Home Would Cost in Real Life

Paying off your mortgage in Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t the worst thing in the world. You can get bells from literally doing anything on your island and it’s never entirely a stressful experience. But, what if you had to pay real-life money for your rent/mortgage on your fully-upgraded New Horizons home?

Thanks to new data from (a UK-based price comparison website) we now have a rough estimate of the most expensive fictional houses from video games, films, and television shows.

The data report features iconic video game locations such as Bowser’s Castle, Croft Manor from Tomb Raider, and even Joel’s home from The Last of Us Part II.

To get straight to the point here, a fully upgraded Animal Crossing home in real life would cost you about $482,561 or a monthly payment of $2,058 for the mortgage based on a 25-year term with a 10% deposit –yeah, that’s pretty pricy.

You can check out the infographic down below of the upgraded New Horizons home:

If you’re wondering just how these property values were calculated, explains its methodology in the article:

The value of each fictional property was calculated individually based on canon information from the game, television show or film using location data and bedroom count and collated with real-life comparisons of average property prices in a corresponding area or a conversion from fictional to real currency.

If you’re interested in learning even more about “Make Believe Mortgages,” you can check out more info here.

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