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Destiny 2’s New Customizable Stasis Subclasses Revealed


Destiny 2’s New Customizable Stasis Subclasses Revealed

Today Bungie gave fans the first look at the new customizable Stasis subclass for the Shadebinder Warlock which will release alongside the Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion on Nov. 10.

Unlike current subclasses that require players to lock into one of three paths with no other customization, the new Stasis subclasses will feature the ability to customize and appears to be something a little familiar to the system seen for subclasses in Destiny 1. Let’s take a look.

From the get go, Bungie is promising the ability to select and customize their abilities such as grenades, class, movement and melee. However, there’s a whole new process via the addition of Aspects and Fragments.

Essentially, Aspects and Fragments are both physical items that can be discovered in the in-game world from things such as defeating enemies that players can then mix and match into their Stasis subclass to further customize it to their liking. Here’s the example that Bungie provided to help visualize this process:

For example, a Warlock finds a Frostpulse Aspect in the world and equips it. This Aspect augments their Rift ability, which now freezes any enemies caught in the field. The Frostpulse Aspect also has a Fragment slot available, allowing further customization. This Warlock decides to slot in the Whisper of Refraction Fragment that replenishes some of their class ability energy upon shattering enemies. They have now set themselves up with a nice 1-2 punch and, if played skillfully, can use this combo frequently.

On the surface, it sounds kind of like mods and seasonal mods slots but for subclasses. It’s a neat idea that hopefully is just as fun as it sounds on paper in practice. I’d be down for a hidden Aspect in the raid somewhere.

In addition to detailing the new customization process, Bungie also talked a bit about what it will be like to play as a Warlock Shadebinder.

The Shadebinder, like other Stasis classes, will focus in more on controlling enemies rather than outright offense. The Shadebinder will be very into the freezing aspect of the Stasis element. The Shadebinder will be able to summon a Stasis staff that will fire freezing projectiles that stop enemies in their tracks.

They also mentioned two abilities:

  • Penumbral Blast (Melee): “Quick burst of Stasis energy that erupts from the staff and instantly freezes anyone it hits”
  • Winter’s Wrath (Super): “the Shadebinder summons their Stasis staff and fires projectiles that instantly freeze opponents. The second stage begins (and the fight ends) when the Guardian raises the staff, detonates its Stasis crystal and sends a devastating Shatter Shockwave that disintegrates nearby frozen opponents.”

Next week Bungie is going to spotlight the Titan Behemoth, so keep an eye out here for that as well.

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