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Cyberpunk Horror Game Sense Gets New Release Details, Art, and Screenshots


Cyberpunk Horror Game Sense Gets New Release Details, Art, and Screenshots

Suzaku just released an update about its upcoming game Sense – 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, including much-awaited release details.

We learn that the game is content complete and has been submitted to the rating boards and certified by them.

Next week it will be submitted to Steam, Sony, and Nintendo for approval by the various platform holders.

The game’s launch on PC via Steam has been confirmed for August and the same should go for the Switch launch on the e-shop.

The PS Vita release (yes, it’s still coming for PS Vita) will follow shortly after either this month or the next depending on how long Sony takes to approve the game’s PlayStation Store page.

The PS4 version will be unfortunately be delayed due to issues on Sony’s side (which Suzaku clarified aren’t related to censorship). The game should come to the platform in late September, likely at the same time as the Xbox One release.

According to the developer, the game runs well on consoles even if the PS Vita version runs expectedly slower, but it’s still fully playable and “looks great” on Sony’s portable.

The ratings are M for Mature for the ESRB and 16+ for both PEGI and CERO, which was the expected result.

Production for physical copies and bonuses will begin soon and more details about that will come as soon as possible.

Last, but not least, Suzaku encourages fans to wishlist the game on Steam to help grow the game’s visibility.

Below you can check out Sense’s new key art and new screenshots.

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