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New Features Bring Unprecedented Freedom to FIFA 21 Career Mode

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New Features Bring Unprecedented Freedom to FIFA 21 Career Mode

Following on from the reveal of the new features coming to Volta, FUT, and Clubs in FIFA 21, EA Sports has released a Pitch Notes article that is focused on Career Mode.

For the first time in years, big changes are coming to the mode, the most notable being Interactive Match Simulation, which allows you to jump in and out of a match whenever you’d like.

Rather than only being able to simulate a match or play the whole thing, you can now do whichever you like whenever you like. Say your team is losing a simulated match, you’ll be able to jump in instantly to take control and try to take back advantage.

You’ll be able to make tactical changes and substitutions, or even just take over to make sure a penalty is scored. Whatever level of control you want, you can have . It’s a big new addition.

Elsewhere, FIFA 21 Career Mode will also see an overhaul of the player development system. You’ll now be able to train your players in positions other than their default one so that they fit your way of playing better, adding more freedom to the mode.

Player Sharpness is another feature that has been added. Working alongside Morale and Fitness, it will impact how a player performs in matches. Ranging from 0 to 100, a player will get a stats boost if they’re over 50.

Career Mode will also get improved transfer options, introducing the option to suggest Buy to Sell offers and swap deals.

For the full break down of all the changes coming to FIFA 21’s Career Mode, you can check out the trailer above or read the detailed Pitch Notes breakdown here.

FIFA 21 will release on Oct. 9.

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