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FIFA 21’s Volta Changes Focused on Bringing Players “Fun & Enjoyment”

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FIFA 21’s Volta Changes Focused on Bringing Players “Fun & Enjoyment”

Continuing this week’s streak of revealing the new features for each of FIFA 21’s modes, EA Sports has released a deep dive Pitch Notes on Volta.

It runs through each of the new features, and you can read all about them here, but below we’ll break down the highlights.

First of all, certain skill moves are being streamlined or improved to make them easier to pull off. For example, five-star skill players will automatically do something like the ball roll flick when trying to flick the ball up in the air with R3.

You’ll also be able to nutmeg opponent players easily by holding R1+L1 and flicking the right stick in the direction you want the ball to go.

Next, coming alongside FUT Co-Op, Volta is becoming more social in FIFA 21 with the introduction of Squads. You’ll be able to drop into matches on your own or team up with friends to take on other squads.

A new story mode will also be included. Called The Debut, it is designed to be an introduction to Volta and will see Kaka play as role as your mentor of sorts.

As you play through The Debut, you’ll also be introduced to Volta’s five new locations, which are São Paulo, Paris, Sydney, Dubai, and Milan. According to the Pitch Notes, “each new location has a distinct feel of the local football culture, showcasing the passionate atmospheres around the world.”

Finally, the way you upgrade your Volta avatar has been changed for FIFA 21. You’ll now be able to gain attributes from all Volta modes, with you getting ratings after each match you complete.

The higher your rating, the more progress you’ll make to unlocking new attributes. Also, long term objectives have been introduced to give you a new way to unlock cool cosmetic gear items.

FIFA 21 will release on Oct. 9.

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