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Minecraft Dungeons Getting New DLC, Update, & More Later This Summer

minecraft dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons Getting New DLC, Update, & More Later This Summer

Minecraft Dungeons fans have plenty to look forward to later this fall. Developer Mojang Studios announced earlier today that three “events” are all set to arrive on the same day next month, Sept. 8, comprising new DLC content, a free update, and a physical release of the game across all platforms.

The free update will bring new merchants like the blacksmith to upgrade your items, and the Gift Wrapper to trade items with other players in multiplayer. Each merchant can be levelled up for additional stock.

Also, the update will introduce all new Daily Trials that offer fun challenges for players by mixing up gameplay mechanics.

As for the DLC, it’s called Wintery Storm. Mojang tees up the story with the following description:

The Creeping Winter DLC brings a wintry storm that threatens to consume all it touches. The only chance of halting the biting frost is for a hero to take on new missions and relentless new enemies! Since no good deed goes unrewarded, let’s say it’s finders keepers on all the new armor, weapons, and artifacts you’ll run into along the way. Just watch out for chilling new mobs and slippery ice on your way to save the day!

Lastly, Minecraft Dungeons mega fans will be interested to learn that a physical release is inbound for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, as pictured below.

The physical version is the Hero Edition, which includes the Jungle Awakens DLC, Creeping Winter DLC, base game, and unique cosmetics (like a cape). All version arrive on Sept 8. except for those in the Japanese region, who will have to wait an additional month as a result of logistical issues.

Minecraft Dungeons Sept. 8 update will follow on from one in July that included a new level called the Lower Temple.

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