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Marvel’s Avengers Cinematic Trailer Builds Hype Ahead of Launch

Avengers CG Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers Cinematic Trailer Builds Hype Ahead of Launch

The trailer roll-out for Marvel’s Avengers has been unrelenting these past few weeks. Just this month, Square Enix has dropped a launch trailer, a mechanics breakdown, and a reveal of PlayStation-exclusive perks that became the subject of discussion among fans for a while.

They’re even planning on showing off an additional playable character in the upcoming War Table stream on Sept. 1. That’s coming just before the game’s launch on Sept. 4. It seems a bit last-minute, but curious fans will no doubt tune in.

Today’s trailer for Marvel’s Avengers is taking a completely different approach to building hype ahead of the game’s release next month. This is a cinematic trailer that shows off the heroes’ abilities in a grand fashion.

Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk are taking on a ton of enemies at once in this one. It’s a bit reminiscent of the New York scene in the first Avengers movie, honestly.

Those who love that over-the-top action can watch the cinematic Marvel’s Avengers trailer below:

If that trailer, or any of the other ones, caught your attention enough for you to open your wallet early, you can pre-order the game now for PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

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