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FUT 21 Reveal Details New Customization Options & Removal of Fitness Items

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FUT 21 Reveal Details New Customization Options & Removal of Fitness Items

Via a new FUT 21 Pitch Notes article and accompanying trailer, EA Sports has detailed all the new features coming to FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team mode.

The main feature, which was revealed alongside the game initially, is online co-op play in Squad Battles, Friendlies, and Division Rivals. Both players on a team will earn rewards as they play and it is shaping up to be the social aspect that FUT has needed for years.

The social side of FUT doesn’t stop there though, with Community and Team events also being added. They will require to community to work together to unlock rewards, or pick a side and compete with the other group.

The other big reveal was that Fitness cards will be removed in FIFA 21, taking away the need to manage the status of your players before every match. In packs, the items will be replaced by things like Tifos for the new Stadium Customization feature. The other new features are:

  • FUT Stadium – The ability to change “your team’s Badge, Ball, Kits, Default Celebration, Home Tifo, Stadium Theme, Crowd Chants and base paint colour for your Stadium.”
  • FUT Challengers Stadium expansion your stadium will grow in capacity, giving you even more ways to customize.
  • You will be able to get placement for Rivals by playing 30 games of Squad Battles.
  • Rivals games will be capped at 30 per week. You’ll be able to play more, but they won’t count to weekly ranking points.
  • You can get a coin reward for being promoted in Rivals.
  • Top 100 in Squad Battle and FUT Champions will become a Top 200.
  • Meaningful Moments cards will see players get larger increases to certain stats for things like long range goals and freekicks to match real-world performances.
  • Streamlined menus
  • 100 Icons will be in FUT 21

You can read all about the new features in EA’s Pitch Notes and FIFA 21 will launch on Oct. 9.

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