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An Animal Crossing Fan Made This Adorable Dollhouse

Animal Crossing Dollhouse

An Animal Crossing Fan Made This Adorable Dollhouse

If you consider yourself a great fan of Animal Crossing, chances are that you have bought or created merch in real life relating to the franchise. YouTuber and Animal Crossing fan TheHollycopter made an adorable dollhouse in real life inspired by New Horizons. The detail in the miniature build is incredible, from the floating gifts to the Nook twins on pillows! TheHollycopter really outdid herself with this build.

The dollhouse features small decorative objects and even has working lighting! Check out the bedroom with its ambient lamps– the star and the floating present are perfect.

Animal Crossing Dollhouse

Take a look at the DIY video here where she makes the magic happen! We love this Animal Crossing dollhouse.

If you want to have a go at making your own dollhouse, you can buy the kit used here, the printable fabric here, and the figures here! It’s definitely a worthwhile project that you can add your own customization to. If you go for it, be sure to upload some pictures of it online!

For some more Animal Crossing fun, have a go at our quiz to see which unpopular villager you best resemble, or take a look at these summer-ready New Horizons outfits!

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