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This Quiz Tells You Which Unpopular Animal Crossing Villager You Are

Animal Crossing Quiz

This Quiz Tells You Which Unpopular Animal Crossing Villager You Are

If you love Animal Crossing, chances are that you also hate or at least strongly dislike certain villagers from the series. Many of these less-liked, unpopular characters are consistent throughout the community (we’re looking at you, Al) and have been annoying our towns and now our islands in New Horizons.

We’ve gone ahead and designed an Animal Crossing unpopular villager quiz that will tell you which one of these underdogs would be your twin.

These unpopular villagers are still a part of the Animal Crossing experience, though, and each one of them has a unique personality that you likely share similarities with. Have a go to find out what unpopular Animal Crossing villager you are!

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Which Unpopular Animal Crossing Villager Are You?

How would your friends describe you?
What kind of job would you most like?
What is your fave hobby?
Which popular villager is your fave?
What kind of food do you like?
What do you hate in people?
What do you like to wear?
Which quote stands out to you?
Who gives the best advice?
What's your favorite color?

Did you get what you expected? If you enjoyed that quiz, how about having a go at this one that will tell you which Animal Crossing species you are? You can also take a look at some must-visit dream islands here!

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