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Red Dead Online Adds New Naturalist Frontier Pursuit Role

the naturalist red dead online

Red Dead Online Adds New Naturalist Frontier Pursuit Role

Joining the likes of the Bounty Hunter, Trader, Collector and Moonshiner, the latest Frontier Pursuit role to be added in Red Dead Online 2 is The Naturalist.

The Naturalist is a wildlife focused role that obviously, has perks related to being out in nature, but also has the unique opportunity to work for both Harriet Davenport and big game hunter Gus Macmillan with consequences of course.

The Naturalist is designed to spend their time out in the wilderness, tracking and hunting Legendary Animals with tools such as improved Bows, the Animal Field Guide and Legendary Animal Map, and also a new Naturalist Varmint Rifle with sedative cartridges.

They will be able to craft special Animal Reviver Tonics to help preserve and protect animals, Weight Loss and Weight Gain tonics, and tonics that will mitigate the effects of weather and make it easier to sneak around. In addition, they can set up temporary campfires known as Wilderness Camps that other players can join up on to craft and cook.

the naturalist red dead online

Joining the release of The Naturalist is the new Outlaw Pass which gives players 80 ranks worth of stuff to unlock including 40 Gold Bars, XP boosts, new weapon metals and engravings, the Australian Shepherd camp dog, and filters for the Advanced Camera.

Here are some of the things that The Naturalist update brings that is of use to budding Naturalists and potentially other players as well:

  • Animal Field Guide: Provides clues on how to locate and track big game and legendary animals.
  • Advanced Camera: An improved camera that increased mobility, allows players to move around and crouch while using it, an adjustable filters, and the ability to auto-study Animals by taking a photo.
  • New Gypsy Cob Horse Breed: Alongside new saddle bags
  • Legendary Animal Sightings: Rare species of legendary animals that can only be tracked through Harriet Davenport Sighting Missions which feature different paths and storylines.
  • New Free Roam Events: Protect Legendary Animals, Animal Tagging. Both feature players defending legendary animals from poachers while accomplishing various tasks.

Other general improvements coming with this update include:

  • An Improved Threat Detector
  • Asynchronous Matchmaking
  • New General and Role Daily Challenges
  • Updated Daily Challenge 
  • An Improved Wardrobe System

For the nitty gritty details on the new Naturalist Role and every little thing that this new update brings with it, you can check out the July 28 patch notes and the trailer below.

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