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The Hardest Paper Mario Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

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The Hardest Paper Mario Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Paper Mario is a spin-off game that evolved into its own franchise that is beloved by many of all ages. From the Nintendo 64, all the way to the Switch, the series has gone through a lot of changes.

Are the memories of these games rushing back to you? If you think you know the series well, take this Paper Mario quiz and test your knowledge!

Or if you want more quizzes like this, just head on over to our Quiz section on Twinfinite. For example, we have a quiz all about the obscure characters from the Mario franchise.

How Well Do You Know the Paper Mario Series? Take This Trivia Quiz to Find Out

What is the best selling game in the Paper Mario franchise?
What fairy tale is used as inspiration for Paper Mario 64's third chapter?
How many partner characters are there in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door?
What is the name of the island where Paper Mario Color Splash takes place?
Chapter six of Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door is based off of what English novel?
A famous early screenshot of Paper Mario Sticker Star featured what Mario baddie as a partner character?
Paper Mario was also featured in which Mario & Luigi game?
What is the first Paper Mario game called in Japan?
What's the most expensive sticker in the shop in Paper Mario Sticker Star?
What are the two hub world cities in Super Paper Mario?
What game is the baby Toad playing when you first meet him in Petalburg in The Thousand-Year Door?
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