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Over 1 Billion Pokemon Caught During Virtual Pokemon GO Fest This Past Weekend

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Over 1 Billion Pokemon Caught During Virtual Pokemon GO Fest This Past Weekend

The COVID-19 outbreak didn’t slow down this year’s Pokemon GO Fest. While it took place virtually online rather than a public place for obvious pandemic related reasons this year, the event was incredibly popular still with fans.

Niantic shared some pretty bonkers numbers from over this past weekend while the event was active, where trainers from all over…:

  • Caught nearly 1 billion Pokémon.
  • Defeated more than 58 million Team GO Rocket members.
  • Sent 55 million Gifts.
  • On average, Trainers walked nearly 15 kilometers each.

Niantic is following up the event with a $10 million donation to various U.S. nonprofit organization that “that are helping local communities rebuild, in addition to funding new projects from Black gaming and AR creators that can live on the Niantic platform, with the ultimate goal of increasing content that represents a more diverse view on the world.”

Big time movie director and big time Pokemon GO fan Rian Johnson also made an appearance over the weekend also made an appearance over the weekend. He was last seen directing the commercial for this year’s Pokemon GO Fest, and spent some time talking about his work on said commercial.

Pokemon GO’s release back in July 2016 was the closest the human race ever got to achieving world peace as players from all over the world spent their time peacefully outside catching AR Pokemon.

While we didn’t quite achieve world peace, Pokemon GO is still very popular clearly, and still prints money for Niantic and Nintendo; that’s for certain.

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