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Ooblets: How to Save Your Game

how to save ooblets

Ooblets: How to Save Your Game

The world of Ooblets is an incredibly charming and compelling one. You have an eclectic selection of cute and cuddly characters to compete in dance battles and help with farm work. You’ve got witty writing, and some incredibly compelling gameplay mechanics to keep you playing. As such, it can be very easy to lose track of time on Ooblets. For those moments when you just need to take a break, here’s how to save in Ooblets.

Saving in Ooblets

Cutting right to the chase, Ooblets has both an auto-save and manual save system that you can use to record your progress.

The auto-save system appears to work fairly regularly, saving a good few times throughout each in-game day. When Ooblets is auto-saving, you’ll see the word ‘Saving…’ appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

If you’d rather know for sure that your progress has been saved, all you need to do is press Esc on PC, or the Menu button on your Xbox One controller (to the right of the big Xbox home button in the center). From here, just select the ‘Save and Quit’ option.

Your progress will be recorded and the game will close, returning you to your desktop or the main menu if you’re playing on a console.

Ooblets Early Access Saves & Future Compatibility

Ooblets is currently in early access, meaning a lot can change between now and when it releases as a final product. The game can also be a bit buggy in its current build.

In the official FAQ, the developers have stated that while they’ll “try really hard not to break saves… it may happen from time to time when we update.” As such, we’d advise you don’t get too attached to your save, just in case it’s corrupted or broken by a future early access update for the game.

That’s everything you need to know on how to save in Ooblets. If you’re looking for more coverage on this whimsical little indie, be sure to check out more below.

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