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Ooblets: Which Ooblet Club You Should Join


Ooblets: Which Ooblet Club You Should Join

At the very beginning of your Ooblets adventure in Badgetown, you’ll be asked which ‘Ooblet Club’ you want to join. While the game seems to suggest that this is just down to your personal preference on which group’s personality and traits speak to you the most, there is a little more to it. In this guide, we’ll talk you through which Ooblet Club you should join.

As Mayor Tinstle says at the beginning of the game, Ooblet Clubs are “lil social groups that each have their own themes and personalities.”

Which Ooblet Club Should You Join?

There are four clubs you’ll have the choice of joining. These are:

  • Frunbuns – The club for sweet cuties who love cute things.
  • Peaksnubs – The club of born leaders, strong competitors, and just generally successful people.
  • Mimpins – The club for clever people who aren’t very good at social interactions.
  • Mossprouts – The club for woodsy outdoorsy types who love a good adventure.

While these descriptions give you a general idea of the kind of characters you’ll find within each club, this is far from the most important aspect of choosing your Ooblet Club.

That’s because your choice of club will determine which Ooblet you start off with. We’ve listed each Ooblet Club with their associated starting Ooblet below for your preference:

Frunbuns – Tud

frunbuns club ooblets, ooblet club

Peaksnubs – Bittle

peaksnubs club ooblets, ooblet club

Mimpins – Sidekey

Mimpins Club in Ooblets, ooblet club

Mossprouts – Shrumbo

ooblets mossprouts club, ooblet club

As much as we’d like to say that the ‘personality’ of the members of each club makes a difference, it kinda doesn’t. You can still talk to all of these characters regardless, the main difference will be the Ooblet you start out with.

That being said, if you really wanted a Shrumbo but accidentally went with the Mimpins, don’t worry. All of these Ooblets can be found wandering around the world in different locations, so you won’t be locked out of getting a particular Ooblet just because you didn’t pick it at the beginning.

That’s everything you need to know on which Ooblet Club you should pick. Check out more of our coverage on Ooblets below.

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