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Wizard of Legend is Getting a Limited Run Physical Release

wizard of legend

Wizard of Legend is Getting a Limited Run Physical Release

Contingent99, the developers behind Wizard of Legend the fantastic rogue-like/rogue-lite from 2018 with an equally fantastic soundtrack, revealed today alongside Limited Run Games that they will be releasing a physical version of their title.

The 30-day pre-order window is set to begin on June 12 at 10 A.M. ET.

Like other great rogue-lite games it mixes brutal punishing combat with ways to make your next playthrough a bit easier. Skilled players can absolutely smash their way through with nothing but their most basic spells and attacks.

Over time though you can collect currency to purchase new equipment and spells and create a build that’s more suited to your preferred play style.

The physical release will cover PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of Wizards of Legends. Keep an eye on Limited Run Game’s official site when the pre-orders go live to make sure you get your copy if you’re interested.

If you’re interested in learning more about Wizard of Legend if you aren’t familiar but are intrigued, check out our fully scored review.

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