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Torchlight 3 Now Available on Steam Early Access

Torchlight 3 Steam Early Access

Torchlight 3 Now Available on Steam Early Access

During the PC Gaming Show, Echtra Games’ Torchlight 3 received a new trailer and was announced to have released on Steam’s early access today.

Torchlight 3 takes place in the same world, but a century later. According to the developer, anyone familiar with the first two games will be comfortable playing Torchlight 3, and you get to make your own fort that can be accessed by players out in the world.

Classes are unexpected and wacky like a steam-powers robot, a character that can summon trains, a sharpshooter, and a duskmage.

The pet system has been expanded from the previous games. While pets still fight and can sell items, for the first time you can actually collect them from bosses and have them hang out in your fort.

Torchlight 3 is out for early access starting today on Steam for a price of $29.99 for those wanting to dive into it. There hasn’t been an announced full release date, but Torchlight 3 being currently playable is a good step forward.

If you want to see more of what was announced during the PC Gaming Show, you can see the full livestream here.

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