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This Gen 8 Pokemon Rap Will Hype You up for The Isle of Armor DLC


This Gen 8 Pokemon Rap Will Hype You up for The Isle of Armor DLC

The first part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass, The Isle of Armor, will bring Gen 8 players back into the game to experience a brand-new story, new areas to explore, and new legendary Pokemon to catch.

The expansion doesn’t launch for two more days (June 17) so while we wait for it to drop on the Switch eShop, this Gen 8 Pokemon rap should help the time pass by, or at least make you smile today.

This Pokemon rap comes from Jake Randall on YouTube and in four minutes, he manages to name every single generation 8 Pokemon line and also raps about the gym leaders in the tune of Ice, Ice, Baby, from Vanilla Ice.

You can enjoy the wonderful video down below and yes Jake, Allister is a creepy weirdo but he’s my creepy weirdo:

Jake’s Poke-rap was pretty dope, not going to lie, but nothing will ever compare to the OG rap from back in the day:

Pokemon Sword and Shield are now available for the Nintendo Switch and The Isle of Armor will launch on June 17, with The Crown Tundra to follow in the fall.

For more info on what’s exactly included in the expansion, here’s an article on everything we know about The Isle of Armor.

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