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Streets of Rage 4 Giveaway – Win a Free Copy of The Game By Sharing Your Comments [UPDATED]

Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 Giveaway – Win a Free Copy of The Game By Sharing Your Comments [UPDATED]

By commenting on Twinfinite you can win a copy of Street of Rage 4 for the platform of your choice and relive a beat ’em up legend.

Recently,  DotEmu released Streets of Rage 4, bringing back the glorious beat ’em up series series with a brand new art style.

With this giveaway, you can win one digital code of the game, and the way to get involved is really, really easy.

All you have to do is to comment on our articles, everywhere on the site. The more you comment, the better your chances. We want to hear your opinions and insight, and there is no better way for that to happen than sharing your comments with us.

An important caveat (and a difference with our previous giveaways) is that comments on this post are not eligible for the giveaway. Of course, you’re welcome to comment here, but in order to participate you need to comment at least on one other article.

On  June 3 at 11:59 EST we’ll randomly select one comment made after this post has been published, and the author of that comment will win a digital code for a Street of Rage 4 for the platform of their choice. It’s that simple.

Of course, spam comments and throwaway one-liners will be disqualified, as we’d like to promote interesting commentary and conversations among our readers.

Once the winner has been drawn, I will respond to the winning comments, and we’ll also publish links to them in an update to this post. At that point, you should respond to my comment, and at the same time, send me a mail at [email protected] indicating your Disqus nickname within the mail and your platform of choice. The timing is important, as it’ll prove that you are indeed the winner.

If the prize isn’t claimed within three days of the announcement, we will proceed to draw another winner.

Once more, do keep in mind that comments on all articles on Twinfinite (excluding this one) are valid to enter this giveaway. The more you comment, the more chances you have to win.

If you’d like to know why this giveaway is worth your time, you can check out our review of Streets of Rage 4.

Update: the giveaway is now closed. the winner has been decided! Find the winning comment below. Congratulations! If you’re listed, please follow the bolded instructions above to claim your prize. Do keep in mind that if a prize isn’t claimed by Monday, June 8, that entry will be disqualified and we’ll proceed to draw another winner. 

Xavi Velasco: It´s a nice mix of presentation styles. I hope the experience is interesting when it comes out.

If you did not win, stand-by, because there will be more giveaways going forward, and thank you for your support! Also, please remember to keep commenting. There is no better reward for our writers than seeing that you care about our content. 

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