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Ring Fit Adventure Now in Stock [Updated]

ring fit adventure

Ring Fit Adventure Now in Stock [Updated]

Update: Today Nintendo has announced via Twitter that Ring Fit Adventure is now available at local retailers. We’ve checked the big sites and can confirm that Ring Fit Adventure is now in stock at Best Buy.

Nintendo’s latest workout title for the Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure, is currently in stock at Target, both online and in some retail stores. Throughout 2020, the game has been seeing shortages in the US, making it nearly impossible for eager folks to get their hands on a fun and engaging fitness video game.

It’s worth mentioning that these Ring Fit Adventure units at Target are more than likely to sell out rather quickly, as the fitness game is still sold out at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Just make sure to get your hands on it fast while you still can for $79.99.

Of course, you can always head to eBay or buy from other sellers on Amazon, but you will end up paying way over $100.

Especially now that people are still locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to see why Switch owners are looking for a gym alternative, since most gyms across the nation are closed until further notice and social distancing is in effect.

With that being said, Ring Fit Adventure is also a surprisingly enjoyable way to break a sweat in the comfort of your own home. The game mixes very basic turn-based RPG elements with different workouts having different effects on enemies based on their color.

The story mode is rather lengthy and thanks to the variety of the workouts, Ring Fit Adventure can keep you sane and healthy throughout these trying times, as it did for our reviews editor, Zhiqing.

Ring Fit Adventure released back in late 2019 and is a Switch exclusive title.

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