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Nintendo Confirms Ring Fit Adventure Copies Selling Out Quickly in the US

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Nintendo Confirms Ring Fit Adventure Copies Selling Out Quickly in the US

As self-isolation amid the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic becomes the norm, so too does spending the majority of one’s time indoors. Lucky, then, that Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure provides the perfect exercise at-home solution for those with itchy feet. Except you can’t buy it in the US at all; Nintendo has today confirmed the game is quickly selling out nationwide.

As reported by Polygon today, customers in Canada aren’t fairing any better either, with major outlets like Amazon Canada, EB Games, and Walmart Canada all sold out too. The lack of availability is forcing aftermarket buyers to shop on sites like eBay where they’re paying far in excess of the RRP to get a copy — up to $120-$170, in some cases.

In a statement issued to the outlet by Nintendo, the company explained that “the Ring Fit Adventure game is selling out at various retail locations in the Americas. We are working to provide more units as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience.”

As noted by Polygon, Nintendo doesn’t specifically reference the COVID-19 as a reason for the shortage; there was a supply shortage of Ring Fit Adventure copies that actually preceded the pandemic’s spread, which is possibly explained by the game’s dependence on a peripheral that may have been underproduced.

Still, reading between the lines it isn’t hard to imagine that demand for indoor activities –especially ones that burn calories– is likely to skyrocket amid self-isolation measures.

So while Nintendo has promised a solution to the supply shortage of Ring Fit Adventure, you might be better practicing your push-ups and squats in the meantime.

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