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Destiny 2 Teaser Hints at New Europa Location; Reveal Next Week


Destiny 2 Teaser Hints at New Europa Location; Reveal Next Week

After plenty of accidental leaks and rumors, it appears we’re finally getting an official look at what is probably the next new location in Destiny 2. A new teaser released today on Twitter from the official Destiny account shows what appears to be Europa. A formal reveal will take place on June 9, at 12 P.M. Eastern.

While the location is never named, we have enough clues to believe that it is indeed Europa. One, it’s orbiting Jupiter so that eliminates anything that doesn’t. Two, Europa is far more engrained in the Destiny lore than another potential Jupiter moon such as Ganymede. And three, Europa has concept art that dates back to before Destiny 1 launched, showing that Bungie at some point wanted to go potentially create a Europa location it seems that time is finally now.

The trailer shows the Drifter in some new digs traveling to Europa via his ship. This also lines up with an accidentally released, and then quickly pulled trailer showing Eris Morn trudging through some snow. This lines up with the concept art of Europa being a very snowy location. While the Earth locations in Destiny 1 had a bit of snow, Europa appears to be covered in it.

It appears that major characters are all converging onto Europa and something is definitely appears to be about to go down there.

The only that is confusing about this is the timing. June 9 at 12 P.M. Eastern is the reveal time which is when next season is supposed to start. Is Europa being added as part of Destiny 2’s seasonal model and not the fall expansion? What is going on with the Darkness and the Pyramid Ships then? If this is for the next expansion, what the heck is next season going to be about then because at this point in time, we know about what Year 4 is about then next week’s content.

Right now it’s tricky to tell whether all of these teases are part of Destiny 2’s season, a hypothetical Year 4 expansion or what. Hopefully tomorrow’s TWAB starts to clear things up, at least a little.

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