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Let’s Try and Guess What Bungie Has Planned For Destiny 2’s Story in Year 4

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Let’s Try and Guess What Bungie Has Planned For Destiny 2’s Story in Year 4

In yesterday’s TWAB, Bungie revealed that news regarding Year 4 of Destiny 2 is coming very soon. Normally I wouldn’t be getting so antsy, but the pyramid ships are pretty much already here, and I had always assumed that would be the focus of the Year 4 storyline.

The problem with that theory is that there’s a whole season in between now and Year 4. So what’s the deal then?

Well the next season starts on June 12 no one knows except for Bungie, – doesn’t make sense but that’s not going to stop me from trying to piece it together anyway. There’s a lot of different directions Bungie could go here, but here’s what makes the most sense.

Next Season: The Darkness Puts Us On the Defensive

At the start of Season of the Worthy, I really didn’t think we would see the arrival of the Darkness by the end of it. I assumed there would be one more season, possibly themed around the Fallen and the House of Light (more on that in a bit). We would unite the Fallen around Mithrax just in time to help us fight the Darkness.

Well, that theory appears to be out. Maybe Mithrax and the House of Light are still on the menu next season, but I find it hard to believe that we’d take any sort of break from fighting the Darkness head on if they are actually here and attacking.

So I expect the Darkness to make first contact next season. My instinct tells me that the next season will take place on Titan, since it’s probably received the least love of any location in Destiny 2, but then again, the pyramid ships are already at Jupiter and Titan is a moon of Saturn, which is further away.

Still that doesn’t mean we still couldn’t do stuff on Titan, and I imagine that’s where we’ll first fight the Darkness, or at least lots of nightmares if there isn’t a new enemy faction to fight.

Year 3 Finale: Titan Gets Deleted

I’m going to buy into this popular rumor. To make space for Europa or wherever we’re going to go in Year 4, Bungie ends Year 3 with a bang and actually has the Darkness destroy Titan.

It’s where the first collapse got going the first time around, and I can see Bungie coming full circle with it and having that be the catalyst once again to kick off our war with the Darkness.

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