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Warzone’s Mysterious Bunkers Can Now Be Opened

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Warzone’s Mysterious Bunkers Can Now Be Opened

Over the past few weeks, Warzone players have been coming across mysterious bunkers, keycards, phones, and computers around Verdansk. You could interact with them, but you’d either be denied access or they wouldn’t do anything. Until today.

Now that Modern Warfare’s 1.21 update is out, you can actually open a bunker if you’re lucky enough to find a keycard.

Just as before, the keycard is a very rare drop from legendary loot crates and can be used on the bunker doors that are dotted around the map. You need to head to a door and use the keycard on the panel there to try and get access.

Faze Clan member, @FaZeDirty, put a video on Twitter of him and his squad finding a keycard and getting access to a bunker for the first time.

As you can see, the bunker is full of loot chests, killstreaks, and bundles of cash for you and your squad to grab. There is also a second door further in, which you can interact with but won’t let you in. Once you’ve got everything in there, you need to turn around and go back out into the world the way you came.

Therefore, it seems like there are still secrets to be revealed in the run up to Season 4.

Infinity Ward also included a tease in the version 1.21 patch notes. It read: “Number station <redacted> is Protocol Yellow. Activate <redacted> system. <redacted> is inbound. Awaiting correct authorization.”

Exactly what they means, we don’t know, but the use of “activation” and “correct authorization” suggests that it could be something to do with the bunkers and keycards. Hopefully the reveals will continue over the next couple of weeks as Season 4 approaches.

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