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Prove That You’re a Pokefan With This Pokemon Spelling Combee

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Prove That You’re a Pokefan With This Pokemon Spelling Combee

Pokemon names are notorious for having some exceptionally odd spellings. Pyukumuku, Timburr, Lickitung barely scratch the surface of what might look like gibberish to most people. But if you’re a true fan, then you shouldn’t have any issues passing this Pokemon Spelling Combee (get it?).

The way this quiz works is a little different than some others you may have taken here at Twinfinite. Since it’s all about getting the right spelling, you’re not going to be asked something like, “How do you spell Magikarp?” That would defeat the whole purpose of this Pokemon Spelling Combee.

Instead, we’ll give you a picture of a Pokemon for each question. It’s a multiple choice quiz, but we’re not going to try to pull a fast one on you. That means we won’t show a picture of Alomomola and have Luvdisc as one of the options. All the options are varied spellings of the correct name.

Feel free to share your results on social media and in the comments below. And good luck on your journey to becoming a Pokemon Master!

(All Images via The Pokemon Company and Pokemon DB)

Prove That You're a Pokefan With This Pokemon Spelling Combee

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