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Stadia Exclusive Get Packed Available Now; Trailer Spotlights Co-Op Chaos

Get Packed

Stadia Exclusive Get Packed Available Now; Trailer Spotlights Co-Op Chaos

Google’s Stadia Connect event earlier today revealed a bunch of older games coming to the platform. But perhaps more importantly, it also showcased one or two all-new exclusive titles, too. That includes Get Packed, a whimsical co-operative puzzle game that was revealed to be available from today during the presentation.

For those who blinked and missed the reveal, a subsequent launch trailer from publisher Coatsink puts a spotlight on exactly why this mad-looking multiplayer experience should be on your radar.

As you can see, the parallels with co-operative games like Overcooked are obvious. Developer Moonshine tees up the game’s premise:

“Get Packed is a physics-based co-op removals game for one to four players. You and your friends assume the role of Last Ditch Removals in the city of Ditchlington, tasked with helping the citizens relocate after it’s taken over by the evil Industrial Salt Corporation.

The goal of each round is to grab everything you can from a particular house or business (or museum or haunted mansion) and cram it all into your van. As the story progresses, the environments and scenarios get steadily more ridiculous.”

For more on Get Packed, you can check out in our recent interview with developer Moonshine. Studio co-founder Jamie King shared their experience working with Stadia, the various challenges they encountered along the way, and a rough plan for future support of the game.

Get Packed is a Stadia First title, available exclusively on the streaming platform.

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