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GTFO’s Community Unlocks New Rundown 002 Levels; 10 Chambers Teases 003 Release Window

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GTFO’s Community Unlocks New Rundown 002 Levels; 10 Chambers Teases 003 Release Window

10 Chambers Collective is today announcing the release window of its third “Rundown” event for GTFO. Codenamed, The Vessel, the new community event is likely to feature new areas of The Complex, as well as add new weapons, enemies, and more.

As for the current 002 Rundown titled Infection, two previously locked areas of the map have today been made available after the community reached the 1000 survivors milestone set by the studio. Simon, a member of 10 Chambers Collective, explains:

“We’re using Early Access to experiment with what works, and a feature we call Warden Restriction was one of those things. Our community likes a challenge, and so we made it so that 1000 prisoners had to survive expedition R2D1 in order for everyone to get access to the entire Rundown 002.

The entire community had to come together to achieve this goal and it’s impressive to see that it was reached in 31 days – this is by design a very challenging game.”

Studio founder Ulf Andersson outlines what’s to come in GTFO moving forward with Rundown 003:

“We’re already working on the next Rundown and our aim is to release it before the summer holidays in Sweden. As we said, we’re still in Early Access and this phase is used to try out different concepts and balance the game; we want to be including to new members of the GTFO community as well as pleasing the current more experienced ones – that have bought GTFO to get that hardcore, unforgiving challenge we strive for.”

GTFO is available on PC via Steam only and is currently in (premium) Early Access. All Rundown content expansions are free.

You can read more on Twinfinite’s overall impressions of the game from a preview event it attended toward the end of last year.

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