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Chucklefish Reveals Different Art Style For New Game Witchbrook


Chucklefish Reveals Different Art Style For New Game Witchbrook

Chucklefish, the UK based studio behind hit games like Wargroove and Starbound (they also helped develop and publish Stardew Valley), has changed the art style for its new game Witchbrook. If you didn’t know about Witchbrook, that’s because Chucklefish has been rather tight-lipped about it ever since its reveal.

From the reveal of Witchbrook, the game had a top-down, 2D art style that was reminiscent of previous games like Stardew Valley and Wargroove but with less pixelation and more smoothed-out textures. Now, the game has switched to an isometric view which produces a 3D-like visual.

On their new website for Witchbrook, Chucklefish says in the game you will follow-

“A witch-in-training on the road to graduation. Build relationships with fellow students and townsfolk, develop your magical abilities by attending classes and completing assignments. Participate in extracurricular activities such as fishing, growing magical crops and foraging strange mushrooms. Master secret spells, make friends for life and unravel the mysteries of the school…”

There has been no release date confirmed nor a conformation on which platforms Witchbrook will be coming to. The new website says the game is “still quite a while off”, so don’t be holding your breath for a release date any time soon.

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