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Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable Now Free on Epic Games Store

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable Now Free on Epic Games Store

Epic Games continues to give out free PC games through its store and dedicated games launcher every week with Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable being this week’s picks.

Watch Dogs originally released in 2014 and is an action-adventure game set in Chicago with an emphasis on hacking street lights, security systems, and other peoples’ phones to progress through the game.

The Stanley Parable is a first-person exploration game that first released as a free Half-Life 2 mod in 2011 before becoming a standalone game in 2013. It also had an achievement that required players to not play the game for five years, finally becoming unlockable without cheating in 2018.

Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable are available to download for free starting today until March 26 at 11 a.m. ET. Epic Games also announced the pair of games that will be free after next week:

  • Figment – “A musical action-adventure set in the recesses of the human mind…Welcome to the world of Figment. A strange and surreal world; a place filled with our deepest thoughts, urges and memories, populated by the many voices we hear in our heads.”
  • Tormentor x Punisher – “Everything in Tormentor x Punisher can be killed in one hit, including bosses and yourself. Bosses change the shape of the arena, conjuring rooms and traps to make it more hellish and brutal. Demons adjust to your play style and punish you accordingly. Explore and discover new ways of killing enemies to gain cool upgrades. Reload your machine gun by firing your shotgun. Yeah, you read that right.”
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