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Outward & Pathfinder: Kingmaker Combined Sales Hit 1.2 Million

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Outward & Pathfinder: Kingmaker Combined Sales Hit 1.2 Million

Publisher Koch Media is today announcing a rather unusual sales milestone, touting the combined sales of its two most successful recent CRPGs Outward (from Nine Dot Studios), and Pathfinder: Kingmaker (from Owlcat Games) as reaching 1.2 million sales worldwide.

Mario Gerhold, Int. Marketing Director Koch Media, said of today’s announcement:

“We are seeing more and more public interest and popularity in both classic CRPGs and further innovative takes on the genre. Many gamers today want to be immersed within plots, swept away by the story and given a chance to build emotional bonds with their characters, and roleplaying games are perhaps the best method to deliver these experiences.

The bestselling CRPG buddies Outward with its unique couch-coop experience and Pathfinder: Kingmaker with its classic isometric view opens up fantastical worlds and a style of gaming that is accessible and ultimately a lot of fun.”

While we can’t precisely separate the sales tally of both games, we can actually get pretty close given that only a month ago developer Nine Dot Studios stated Outward had sold 600,000 copies worldwide. That means, in turn, we can presume Pathfinder: Kingmaker has sold roughly the same number as well.

In celebration of the combined tally, Koch Media has discounted both games by a whopping 60% on Steam. You can read more on the sale here.

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