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No Mans Sky Developer Gives Release Window For The Last Campfire

the last campfire

No Mans Sky Developer Gives Release Window For The Last Campfire

Hello Games has revealed a new gameplay trailer and release window during today’s Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase for its upcoming title, The Last Campfire.

The Last Campfire will be releasing on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC in summer 2020.

A blog post from Hello Games describes The Last Campfire as:

“The culmination of several years of work by a couple of members of the team who had the urge to make an artistically focused single-player adventure game. The result is something in which the player becomes lost within a storybook world, traveling through beautiful environments, meeting strange and unusual characters in a heartfelt story.

You play as Ember. You are trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home. At its heart, it is the story of rekindling hope in an otherwise hopeless world.”

Hello Games is an independent developer based in Guilford and Cambridge in the UK. They’re known for their hit game, No Mans Sky, which released in July of 2018. It is a survival exploration game that sees the player exploring alien planets, discovering new plants and species as well as upgrading your equipment. The game was heavily criticized when it first released, with many saying that the developers over-promised on how unique and random the game would be.

But thanks to constant work and patches, No Mans Sky has really turned around, especially with their 2.0 update, called No Mans Sky Beyond, which adds plenty of features like online play and VR capabilities. Hello Games new Game, The Last Campfire seems to be a little game with a lot of heart, as your journey seems quite personal. For more on the game, check out The Last Campfire’s website.

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