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Gears 5 Operation 3 Goes Live Alongside Huge Patch

Gears 5

Gears 5 Operation 3 Goes Live Alongside Huge Patch

Gears 5 launched its third season of content with Operation Gridiron today, adding more characters, maps, and more alongside a huge update of changes and fixes.

Revealed last week, Operation 3 adds four new characters to earn or buy, such as Gears’ favorites Augustus Cole and Clayton Carmine, alongside a new Tour of Duty with new cosmetics.

The playable multiplayer characters can be unlocked in-game by earning 30,000 XP, bought with premium currency Iron, or purchased in the Operation 3: Gridiron Bundle which also includes the Hot Rod weapon skin set, 1000 Iron, and 30 days of boost for $19.99.

The Operation adds four multiplayer maps with returning favorite Canals, open jungle Pahanu, and two smaller maps for the 2v2 mode. The Escape mode will introduce six new hive throughout the season as well.

Gears 5 is also receiving 32 new achievements, totaled at 290 gamerscore, that can be retroactively. The list of challenges is split between Versus and the Horde/Escape modes.

Title Update 5 is dropping alongside the Operation, bringing a huge list of changes for all modes. The full patch notes include fixing Jack’s abilities in co-op campaign, improved bot behavior, physical changes to the Icebound map, and more.

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