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Impress Your Fellow Animal Crossing Friends With This Adorable Kitchenware

animal crossing kitchenware

Impress Your Fellow Animal Crossing Friends With This Adorable Kitchenware

It’s unfortunate that Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t let you cook up meals to share with the other critters on your deserted island. You can at least gather materials you find to craft useful items like shovels and fishing rods but let’s be honest, you don’t want to eat those.

Anyways, if you’re someone who is skilled in the kitchen or just looking for a really cute coffee cup with Isabelle on it, prepare to feast your eyes on the most adorable Animal Crossing merchandise out there right now.

An online retailer that goes by Aitai☆Kuji provides exclusive merchandise that’s only available in Japan to people all over the world, including the US. These Animal Crossing items are typically only available at the newly opened Nintendo store in Shibuya, Tokyo, but if you go through AitaiKuji, you’ll be able to purchase most items.

There are tote bags, frying pans, hand towels, regular-size towels, bento boxes, coffee mugs, and a couple of other charming items that are sure to impress anyone that comes over to your home.

And since the items are all Japanese, they have Dobutsu No Mori imprinted on them, which is what the Animal Crossing series is known as over in that region.

You can see some photos of the merchandise down below but if you’re thinking about purchasing any of them, just click here.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches for the Nintendo Switch on March 20, 2020. For an in-depth look into the game’s new Nook Miles feature, check out our hands-on preview from PAX East 2020.

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