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The Witcher 3 Steam Sales Generated $50 Million Since October, CDPR Celebrates

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The Witcher 3 Steam Sales Generated $50 Million Since October, CDPR Celebrates

The Witcher 3 has sold big numbers over on Steam since Oct. 1, developer CD Projekt Red has celebrated in a Tweet today. In the four and half months since that date, it’s generated $50 million in revenue and earned the company a greater share in the profits of future sales moving forward as a result.

CD Projekt Red’s investor relations account Tweeted the following today:

While it isn’t mentioned anywhere in an official capacity, it’s likely that the immense popularity of Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation, which premiered in December 2019, is largely to thank for the boost in sales.

Following the show’s launch, scores of players –presumably both old and new– took to Steam to experience the acclaimed open-world RPG. They did so in such dramatic numbers, in fact, that The Witcher 3 smashed its highest-ever peak concurrent player count.

Indeed, concurrent numbers have been well above average ever since December and are still holding fairly strong even now.

The influx of players has seen an even greater effort from the PC modding community, many of whom have created some rather clever mods that incorporate elements of the show into the game. You can check out our favorites here.

Elsewhere, if you’re lucky enough to own both a gaming PC and a Nintendo Switch, a newly revealed cross-save function now allows you to take your PC game on the go.

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