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Temtem Reveals First Roadmap With Future Content Updates

temtem road map

Temtem Reveals First Roadmap With Future Content Updates

Crema, the development team behind the popular Pokemon-like MMO, Temtem, has released a new roadmap that shows what is planned for the future of the PC game.

Sometime in the Spring of 2020, there will be ranked matchmaking, a spectator mode, in-game chat, chat bubbles, and club management. In the summer, a new island called Kisiwa will be introduced as well as 25 new Temtem to discover. Player housing, climbing gear, and more emotes are also on the way.

And for the fall, there will be another new island called Cipanku, 25 more new Temtem, the introduction of the first mythical Temtem, in-game tournaments, a quest diary, and achievements.

For more info on everything coming to Temtem, you can check out the blog post right here to get all of the details on the upcoming updates.

This first roadmap is a short-term one that shows content up to the fall of 2020 and the team is planning on releasing a mid-term roadmap sometime tomorrow to discuss topics like “the Trading House, the Dojo Wars, and details about the end-game island, after launch support and more.”

Temtem is now available on PC via Steam and there are plans to bring the title to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in the future.

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