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Nioh 2 Is Getting a Last Chance Trial Ahead of Launch

Nioh 2

Nioh 2 Is Getting a Last Chance Trial Ahead of Launch

Nioh 2, from developer Team Ninja, is getting a free Last Chance Trial ahead of its launch next month, allowing players a chance to play the upcoming PS4 exclusive, and you won’t even need PS Plus to try it.

There will be three full missions for you to play through, and if the difficulty curve is as steep as it was in the first game, that could conceivably be several hours worth of gameplay. That should be enough to decide whether or not this tough-as-nails game is for you. Disappointingly though, your save data will not carry over.

Nioh 2 will allow players to create their own custom characters this time around, and thankfully they at least can be saved and used in the full game once the retail version launches.

The Last Chance Trial will allow players to experiment with Nioh 2’s robust combat system, which is quite a bit more involved than even the Soulslike games that inspired it, featuring complex stance and weapon upgrade systems.

There are two new weapon types available (Switchglaives and Hatchets), bringing the total up to nine, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and individual movesets to master.

New to Nioh 2 is the ability to summon monstrous Yokai while in combat, which function as unique special moves, like summoning a giant ogre to aid you. Watch out though, as enemies will have access to Yokai summons as well, and that is true of the game’s boss encounters, too.

You will be able to play the Last Chance Trial from Friday, Feb. 28, at 12am PT through until Sunday, Mar. 1, 11.59 pm.

You can read some hands-on impressions of just what the Last Chance Trial entails over on the PlayStation Blog.

In other news, Nioh 2 has officially gone gold, with the game releasing in exactly a month. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the latest story trailer, or this swathe of gameplay videos.

Nioh 2 will release exclusively for PS4 on Mar. 13, 2020.

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