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Modern Warfare Season 2 Intro Cinematic Possibly Teases Battle Royale Mode

modern warfare, battle royale

Modern Warfare Season 2 Intro Cinematic Possibly Teases Battle Royale Mode

Modern Warfare’s Season 2 has begun today, adding Ghost as an Operator, new cosmetic options, and even the classic Modern Warfare 2 map, Rust, to the game. Possibly most exciting of all though, is that the opening cinematic heavily teases the long rumored battle royale mode that will hopefully come to Modern Warfare sometime soon.

You can see the full cinematic below, which comes from YouTube user Adexus.

Just as we did, you’ll see it when you start up the game once you’ve installed the Season 2 patch, and it sees some soldiers walking through what looks like the Terminal map from Modern Warfare 2 when suddenly one of them is killed and they get their vengeance soon after.

Then, Ghost, the iconic character from the Modern Warfare series, jumps down to the dead body and radios into Captain Price. This is where the battle royale teases begin. Here’s a list of everything we spotted:

  • One of the three soldiers at the start says “the gas is closing in.”
  • Some of what Ghost says fits the Battle Royale format. “They’re targeting their own” and “Send fighters I can trust” are clear hints.
  • The camera zooms out to show a large map.
  • We then see a plane fly over and characters skydive out of the back of it.
  • You can then see gas out in the distance, surrounding the map in a circle.

Also, once you’ve finished watching the intro cutscene, you’ll see that there’s a new mode on the main menu. It just says ‘Classified’ as you can see below, with no other hints given.

modern warfare, battle royale

Infinity Ward is yet to officially reveal the battle royale mode, even though leaks suggest it is called Warzone, but this is the clearest indication that it is coming soon. Check back with Twinfinite for more on Modern Warfare in the coming weeks.

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