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Here are Two The Witcher 3 Dioramas We Could Stare at For Hours

witcher diorama

Here are Two The Witcher 3 Dioramas We Could Stare at For Hours

Two talented modelers with a penchant for dioramas have celebrated their love for The Witcher with two superb scenes that they’ve uploaded over on YouTube. Lukes Aps and Real Terrain Hobbies have used a 3D printing machine, paints, and a combination of both real-world flora and readily available models materials two produce two exceptionally detailed dioramas. Both really capture the ambiance of CD Projekt Red’s beloved The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in astounding fashion.

As you’ll see in the two videos below, the pair actually walk you through how to create the scenes, which is made to look somewhat straight forward providing you have the necessary apparatus — however, we don’t rate your chances of replicating the same level of quality on your first try unless you have plenty of modeling experience.

We’re certainly tempted to give it a go, though. What a centerpiece they would make for any collection!

First up is Lukes Aps:

Here’s Real Terrain Hobbies’ effort:

Which is your favorite? Don’t tell us! Go leave a comment on the pair’s YouTube channel or go and sign up to their respective Patreon’s if you like what you see.

In related The Witcher news, Netflix recently confirmed it is producing an animated series that bridges the first and second season of its live-action show. Further, the animated series, which is called Nightmare of the Wolf, is focused on Vesemir’s path as a Witcher.

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