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Black Desert’s Kunoichi Finally Comes to PS4; New Trailer Shows Her in Action

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Black Desert’s Kunoichi Finally Comes to PS4; New Trailer Shows Her in Action

Pearly Abyss has today added a new playable character to Black Desert’s PS4 version as part of an update. Called Kunoichi the Mistress of Blades, she’s armed with powerful Sah Chakram’s and comes complete with her Rabam skills and awakening. A new trailer shows her carving up the enemy in style.

Kunoichi’s standard attacks are performed by way of her kunai shortsword and the following skills:

  • Flash Slash – disappears and unleashes powerful hits upon her enemies.
  • Kuno Stab – Using her elite reflexes, Kunoichi uses her Kunai to stab the vitals of her enemies, rendering them useless.
  • Ninjutsu: Shadow Explosion – draws power from the shadows and unleashes an explosion in front of her, knocking back opponents.
  • Tragic Blade – deceives her opponents to think that she is vulnerable, and during their next attack she picks the opportune moment to strike a killing blow.

By reaching level 56, Kunoichi can be awakened, allowing players to use her special Chakram weapon in devastating combos. Her awakening skills are as follows:

  • Lethal Spin Spree – grabs her Sah Chakram with both hands and spins, using centrifugal force to deliver devastating damage to enemies around her.
  • Chain Crash – releases the Sah Chakram as it spins into her enemies hitting them multiple times.
  • Half Moon Slash – Swiftly moving side to side, she uses that momentum to deliver powerful hits and recover her WP.
  • Wheel of Wrath – Unleashing the rage pent up inside, she unleashes a powerful upward strike then immediately brings her enemies back down to earth with a downward attack.

You can check out Kunoichi in action below via the new trailer.

The game’s complete patch notes for today’s update can be read in full here.

In related news, Pearl Abyss recently revealed that Black Desert Online’s revenue has surpassed $1.5 billion since launching across all platforms.

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