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I Want to Ride on This Dangerous Minecraft Waterslide

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I Want to Ride on This Dangerous Minecraft Waterslide

The only experience that I have when it comes to actually playing Minecraft was when I first purchased the Pocket Edition of the game back when it first launched on mobile devices in what feels like the 1700s. I would spend my free time in between classes attempting to build a home for myself (and for a chicken I found in the forest) without dying to a lone arrow from a skeleton that can somehow walk –needless to say, I’m a terrible creator with no imagination at all when comes to sandbox games like Minecraft.

That being said, I could definitely never manage to build something as inventive and genius as a humongous waterslide that’s the Minecraft equivalent of those Rainbow Road tracks from Mario Kart –yeah, those!

I found a video on Reddit of someone’s giant Minecraft waterslide creation, full of shortcuts and tricky paths, but I would kind of love to see this in real life, maybe even give it a whirl myself?

What do you folks think about? You can check it out below:

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