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Exotic Twitch Prime Loot Drops Land in Destiny 2


Exotic Twitch Prime Loot Drops Land in Destiny 2

If you have been looking for an excuse to use (or sign up for) Twitch Prime, Bungie just gave you one because the rumored/leaked Twitch Prime Loot drops for Destiny 2 are finally available.

Starting today, Twitch is giving away six sets of four exotic weapons and items, one set per month. Granted, these rewards are already available in Destiny 2, but if you don’t have them yet, you can thank your Twitch Prime subscription for giving you some powerful (and fancy) items to make you look good while saving the universe.

The first exotic reward up for grabs is the SUROS Regime auto rifle, which is otherwise found in the Warmind DLC. This snazzy kinetic weapon shoots faster the longer its trigger is held, but players can swap that trait for the ability to slow down the Regime’s rate of fire while aiming down sights in exchange for increased damage. Plus, half of each Regime magazine deals extra damage and might heal you when you kill an enemy.

destiny 2, twitch prime, suros regime

The second exotic is a piece of cosmetic goodness: the Coup de Main weapon ornament. Originally found in Bright Engrams, this item changes the SUROS Regime’s color scheme. It’s not much, but it’s fancy.

destiny 2, twitch prime, coup de main

The third exotic, meanwhile, isn’t for you but your Ghost instead. The Skyline Flipside Shell turns your trusty companion into a futuristic disco ball that creates Gunsmith telemetry data whenever you kill an enemy with an elemental weapon. Plus, the shell decreases the time it takes to summon your Sparrow jetbike.

destiny 2, twitch prime, skyline flipside

The final exotic item available is the Unsecured/OUTCRY ship. This angry arrowhead of a spaceship might not do anything different compared to other ships in Destiny 2, but it has one heck of a weird lore entry.

destiny 2, twitch prime, unsecured outcry

To obtain these rewards, first link your Twitch Prime account (or Amazon Prime account; they’re one and the same) to your Destiny 2 account. Then, claim the items on the Twitch Prime Loot page; log into Destiny 2, and visit Amanda Holliday in the Tower’s hangar. When you talk to her, you will see your items listed under “Twitch Prime Rewards.” Just click on them and enjoy.

You have until late next month to claim these exotic items, at which point Twitch Prime will offer four different rewards. Remember: five more drops are on their way, so don’t get too upset if you miss one. All Destiny 2 Twitch Prime Loot drops are applicable for all versions of the game, including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Stadia.

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