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Enter The World of Horror Starting Next Month

world of horror

Enter The World of Horror Starting Next Month

Either the planets and stars have aligned or someone, somewhere conducted an eldritch ritual, because World of Horror is almost ready to release onto Steam Early Access.

Since we haven’t covered World of Horror in a while, a refresher course is in order. The game is an old school point and click adventure game that mixes, as the name suggests, a ton of horror with roguelite and RPG elements.

While the game uses numerous Lovecraftian tropes —including elder gods, our inability to comprehend them, and seaside towns— it features a distinctly Japanese setting. Moreover, World of Horror’s art style sits squarely in Junji Ito territory. The game flawlessly apes Ito’s unique stylings thanks to haunting images created in Microsoft Paint.

world of horror

Moreover, World of Horror is a procedurally generated experience that features 10 eldritch mysteries players can solve or die trying. No, seriously; players have to collect items and clues, maintain various stats, solve puzzles, and fight eldritch abominations to ensure their selected character doesn’t wind up dead, insane, or somehow both. Plus, many of these mysteries are ripped straight out of Japanese folklore and urban legends.

The more players explore World of Horror, the more random encounters they will discover, each one scarier than the last. And, each experience is brought to life by Cassandra Khaw, who worked as a script writer for games like Sunless Skies and Wasteland 3.

World of Horror will enter Steam Early Access February 20th, and the game will officially launch later this year on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac.

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