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Dragon Ball Z: How to Open Map & Set Markers

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Dragon Ball Z: How to Open Map & Set Markers

If you’re a fan that has dreamt of an open world DBZ game where you can fly around with your favorite characters and immerse yourself in a plot that is in step with what you find in the anime, then Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is probably a dream come true for you. If you’re here though, you’re probably wondering how to open your map and set markers in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot so you can better navigate the game’s open world. Here’s how to do just that.

How to Open Map & Set Markers in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

As we mentioned above, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is an open world game. While you can follow along with the game’s objectives and head in the direction that the game’s quests point you down, you can also chart your own path and explore on your own.

You might at one point decide that you want to set a custom marker so you can more easily fly in the direction of some unexplored area or just a place in general that you want to check out that is off the beaten path.

To do that, while exploring press the View button if you’re on Xbox One or the Touchpad if you’re on PS4 to bring up the map. You can zoom in using the d-pad and if you press X on Xbox One or Square for PS4, you’ll set a marker on wherever your cursor is.

dragon ball z kakarot map, markers

While back in the game, this marker will appear as a giant beacon of yellow light going up to the sky and you’ll also be able to track it easily from your minimap, making it an efficient way to get around on your own without having to constantly look at the map.

That’s all you need to know for open your map and set markers Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered be sure to visit our ever growing wiki guide which will be updated with new guides as we progress further into the game. If you need more help with the controls, you can see all the controls for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game right here.

Also stay tuned for our official review in the coming days. In the mean time you can check out our hands-on with Dragon Ball Z Kakarot from E3 2019 and our most recent interview with the developers.

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