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Bungie Acknowledges Mysterious Destiny 2 Quest; Calls it a “Marathon, Not a Sprint”

corridors of time puzzle destiny 2

Bungie Acknowledges Mysterious Destiny 2 Quest; Calls it a “Marathon, Not a Sprint”

There’s some sketchy stuff going down in the newish Corridors of Time area in Destiny 2 right now. Hardcore players that are willing to meticulously keep solve puzzles and record their progress are trying to crack through whatever it is exactly Bungie is trying to tell us with this new unannounced quest that they released yesterday.

Today Bungie formally acknowledged the existence of this secret quest, making it not so secret anymore. The only nugget of information they dropped though is that this is a quest that doesn’t appear to be designed to be completed right away.

I always appreciate the thoughtfulness of the various quests and lore tidbits that are added into Destiny, but Bungie is being naive if they don’t expect hardcore players to obsess over trying to solve whatever this puzzle is as soon as possible.

They tried something similar to this during Year 2 with the Niobe Labs puzzle. Originally the final forge, Bergusia, was intended to be gated until the community could solve a complicated puzzle at the Niobe Labs area on Earth. It involved a ton of trial and error and even the best players were having trouble making progress.

Eventually, Bungie gave up on their original vision and just released Bergusia Forge to everyone and left the quest as an optional challenge for players to tackle if they felt like it.

I believe what Bungie is trying to do both in the case of Niobe Labs and whatever is going on in the Corridors of Time, is to create another memorable community moment like what was seen when Last Wish was completed for the first time and curse of The Dreaming City was unleashed.

In other words, the community coming together to change the world of Destiny 2 in a significant way. I’m all for it assuming A: no one hurts themselves trying to be the first to solve this and B: the payoff is worth it here.

What most people seem to be hoping for here is that this will all eventually lead to either some kind of Outbreak Prime-style secret mission, or at the very least reward something unexpected. The return of the beloved exotic sword trio is being tossed around a lot, and the biggest dreamers are pulling for the Vex Mythoclast.

What would be very disappointing would be if this is all some kind of build up to the start of the Bastion exotic quest which is on the roadmap for next week. This just seems like too dramatic of a preamble for something that fans have known about for months now.

We’ll update again once some significant progress has been made to figuring out what this is all about.

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