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Path of the Warrior Gets A New VR Spin by Oculus Studios


Path of the Warrior Gets A New VR Spin by Oculus Studios

Path of the Warrior, Twisted Pixel’s popular old school retro game, just got a VR reimagining by Oculus Studios. Revealed during The Game Awards, this remake of the game will be entirely in virtual reality.

Check out the trailer below.

Made by Oculus Studios, Path of the Warrior will quite literally allow you to punch, slap, hit, and knock out opponents with your fists, knives, darts and whatever you can get your hands on.

As the name of the developer would suggest, Path of the Warrior utilizes the Oculus to give you a first person perspective take on the retro arcade fighting game.

For those of you that don’t know about this classic game, it was an old school street combat game that got upgraded to 3D and virtual reality.

There is actually no release date for this because the game is already available for VR fans and retro fans to try out.

This was only one of many announcements from The Game Awards that was revealed to the public so keep an eye on Twinfinite’s website for more coverage.

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